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Bishop's Expansion Project

Bishop Animal Shelter SPCA is about to be bigger and better. 

We have submitted plans to the county to increase our shelter’s footprint from 22,970 square feet to 149,900 within the next three or four years.

The first phase of our expansion will be a new landscaped entrance accessible to both northbound and southbound traffic on 59th Street West, featuring a 22-foot landmark sign with the shelter logo of dog and cat profiles and an electronic message board. Future phases include a new intake building, an education center, and renovations to our existing adoption building. 

Our animals will have more room and we'll be able to take in even more strays and surrenders. Our dogs will have 104 runs, double the number we currently have, along with exercise yards of artificial turf. The cat “condos” which now accommodate about 70 felines will house double that number. We will also have more space dedicated to our small animals and birds. 

You can read more about the expansion in our interview by the Herald Tribune here: http://www.heraldtribune.com/news/20180406/bishop-animal-shelter-proposes-major-modernization-expansion