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(941) 792-2863

Hi, I'm Missy! I'm a 5 year old girl and I weigh 50 lbs. I am currently being treated for whipworms and I will get a fecal recheck on 11/7! 

Hi, I'm Darla! I'm a 4 year old girl and I weigh 50 lbs. I have a partial CCL tear and will need surgical intervention ASAP to repair and stabilize my knee! 

Hi, I'm Ariel! I'm a 2 year old girl. The vet found a mass in my rectum that requires surgical removal and a histopath to determine whether the mass is benign. Please donate towards my care by clicking my photo!

I am eligible for the medical foster program! Call the shelter at (941) 792-2863 to ask about fostering me!

Hi, I'm Bella! I'm a 12 year old female and I weigh 31 pounds. My senior blood work showed some elevated values and the vet is worried I might have hepatic disease. I have been on medications and need repeat blood work to see if the medication is helping.

Hi, I'm Karma! I'm a 5.5 year old girl. I already had knee surgery once but now my other knee is giving me problems. The vet has me on medications and cage rest for now but I will need to have knee surgery for the other knee as well. 

These Animals will be Available for Adoption Soon

Before any of our animals are moved into the adoption building, they are seen by our shelter veterinarian. She will insure that, to the best of her knowledge, these animals are healthy enough to begin their search for their new homes. In addition all dogs, cats, and rabbits are spayed or neutered before they can be made available for adoption. Below are our soon-to-be-adoptable animals. They cannot be seen before they are made adoptable. New animals come into adoptions on Monday and Friday mornings at 9am when we open. We adopt out on a first come, first serve basis based on who is at the front door waiting for them. 

Hi, I'm Max! I'm a 2 year old boy and I weigh 45 lbs. I have a hernia that will require surgical repair with a specialist. While I'm waiting for my surgery, I am eligible for the medical foster program! Call the shelter at (941) 792-2863 to ask about fostering me!

Hi, I'm Misty! I'm a 15 year old senior lady. I was pulled out of adoptions because I wasn't eating. I'm currently being monitored and I'm getting a urinalysis done. 

Hi, I'm Curious Georgie! I'm a 7.5 year old girl! I am being treated for persistent diarrhea. The vet is trying me on a prescription diet and probiotics. My next recheck with the vet is on 11/7.

Hi, I'm Hazel! I'm a 12.5 year old boy. I have diabetes and I'm struggling to regulate my blood glucose levels. The vet wants to make sure that my glucose levels remain consistent. Then I have to get a dental before I can move into adoptions.