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Lisa, Receiving Animal Care Team Lead 

Meet Our Staff

Scott, Groundskeeper 

Maggie started at Bishop in 2015 and she is our Kennel Manager. She grew up in Illinois before moving to Florida to study marine biology. Outside of work, she enjoys collecting antique typewriters, visiting used book stores, and hiking with her pack of pups.

Lisa started at Bishop in 1995 and she is one of our Animal Care Specialists. She is originally from upstate New York but has lived in Florida for quite some time. Her favorite part of the job is working with shy and grumpy cats in particular. She is a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady with 4 cats at home. In her spare time, she likes swimming, listening to music and watching old classic movies while snuggling with her cats.

Meg, Behavior and Enrichment Team

Shelby started at Bishop in 2019 and is one of our Animal Care Specialists. Shelby was born and raised in Bradenton, and earned her Bachelor's in Biology from Florida Southern College (Class of 2014!). In her free time she enjoys reading, cooking, crocheting, and playing with her two pups - Gibbs and Abby.  

Kristen, Adoption Animal Care Team Lead 

Kristen started at Bishop in 2004 and she is one of our Animal Care Specialists. She is originally from Illinois. Her favorite part of her job is spending extra time with shy cats to help them come out of their shells. She likes spending time near the water and hanging out with family.

Annie started at Bishop in 2010 and she is one of our Animal Care Specialists. She was born in New York but has lived in Florida most of her life. She has four pets at home that came from Bishop. In her free time, she likes watching NASCAR, football, and hockey.

Oliver was returned to Bishop in 2013 and started as our office dog in 2015. His favorite parts of his job were barking at the FedEx truck, demanding morning belly rubs, and bossing around the treat dispensers (aka staff members). Oliver has since retired to our Intake building after 3 years of service. 

Megan started at Bishop in 2014 and she is one of our Behavior & Enrichment Team Specialists. She grew up in Illinois. When Megan isn't busy doing what she loves at Bishop, she spends her free time honing her math skills and fighting crime. She shares her home with her best friend, her cat Robot.

Michelle, Apprentice Coordinator 

Keith Pratt, Executive Director

Oliver, Retired Office Dog

Scott started at Bishop in 1997 and he is our Head Groundskeeper. He was born and raised in Florida. Scott is a true outdoorsman. He enjoys being near the ocean, kayaking, boating, and mountain biking. He also enjoys dressing as a pirate on any given occasion.

Heather started at Bishop in 2006 and she is our Adoption Coordinator. She was born in Ontario, Canada. In her free time, she likes reading, online gaming, and spending time with her service dog, Sona. 

Lisa, Volunteer & Foster Coordinator

Annie, Animal Care Specialist 

Lisa started working at Bishop in 2020 as our Volunteer & Foster Coordinator. Originally from New Jersey, she moved to Florida 5 years ago. Before working at Bishop, she was a dog groomer and did small dog rescue for senior/special needs dogs. She has a menagerie of pets at home and spends her free time volunteering with a wildlife rescue. 

Heather, Adoption Coordinator 

Maggie O'Brien, Kennel Manager

Keith started at Bishop in 1992 and he is our Executive Director. He was born and raised in Bradenton. He remembers his family getting their first dog from Bishop back when the shelter property was surrounded by woods! In his spare time, Keith enjoys watching classic movies, investigating his family's genealogy, and overloading on decaf coffee.

Victor, Behavior and Enrichment Team

Michelle started at Bishop in 2019 and is our Apprentice Coordinator. Michelle is a Manatee County native and an aspiring artist. Michelle has two cats and a retired greyhound.   

Shelby, Animal Care Specialist 

Victor joined the Bishop staff in 2018 and he is one of our Behavior & Enrichment Team Specialists. Victor was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. His favoite part of his job is giving out treats to the animals. In his free time, he likes laying on the couch with his dog Murphy and his cat Samantha and supporting his favorite New York sports teams (Go Yankees!)