Small Animal Supporter - The main function of Small Animal Supporters is small animal socialization. They will also assist with small animal enrichment. 

Enrichment Engineer - The main function of Enrichment Engineers is to support the enrichment program. This can be done through setting up/distributing enrichment throughout the day, prepping enrichment toys and treats, and assisting with monitoring the enrichment program. 

Volunteer Program

Areas of Interest

Cat Companion - The main function of a Cat Companion Volunteer is cat socialization. They will also assist with cat enrichment. Cat Companion Volunteers can be a resource for potential adopters because they can discuss cats' personalities with customers. 

Dog Walker - The main function of the Dog Walkers is dog socialization through leash walks and yard time. They will also assist with dog enrichment. 

Event Outreach Volunteers - The main function of Event Outreach Volunteers is to engage the public at events. 

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Foster Friends - Learn more about our Foster Program by clicking here


To volunteer at Bishop Animal Shelter, you must attend a Volunteer Orientation. You only need to attend one orientation. At orientation, you will learn about the history and mission of Bishop Animal Shelter, choose an area of interest, and sign up for further training. Dog Walker training will follow immediately after orientation. You do not need to attend volunteer orientation to foster an animal. Learn more about our foster program by clicking here‚Äč