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Medical Fosters are for our animals who need special care while they are healing. This may include dogs going through heartworm treatment, dogs post-surgery or waiting for surgery, dogs with ear, eyes, or skin infections or anyone who just needs some extra care that would be better served outside of the shelter environment. 

Foster Program

Max is available for medical foster! He is currently awaiting surgery to repair two large hernias on his rear. We are still raising money to pay for his surgery. Donate to help Max reach his fundraising goal by clicking here

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Adult Dog Fosters are for our adoptable dogs who do not do well in a kennel environment. The shelter can be a very stressful experience for them, and being in a home will not only be calming for them but our fosters can also provide valuable insight to how they do in a home setting! 

Foster Highlight!

Medical Fosters

Adult Dog Fosters

Thank you for your interest in fostering! When you foster, you are not only providing that animal with your love and attention while they stay with you, but you also allow us the opportunity to open our shelter to more homeless animals. All you need to foster at Bishop Animal Shelter is a big heart! Read more about our three different foster programs below. 

Questions? Email our Foster Coordinator at  foster@bishopspca.org.

Neo-natal Fosters