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Banjo's Bucket List

Banjo was originally surrendered to Bishop Animal Shelter in 2014. A large breed dog with a heart murmur and bad hips, he struggled to find the perfect forever home. After being adopted and returned several times for reasons including cost of care for his health issues, Banjo found himself back at the shelter in 2017.

In August 2017, staff noticed a mass on Banjo’s neck. Shortly after that, we were devastated to learn that Banjo has an aggressive, terminal cancer. After having surgery to remove the cancerous mass, tumors have already started to regrow. We believe that Banjo doesn't have much time with us.

Banjo has always been a staff favorite because of his sweet, laid-back nature. And he is still a happy, active senior with much more love to give. So the staff decided to make the most of his last few months. He has been placed in fospice care (foster hospice care) with one of our staff members. And we have created Banjo’s Bucket List to make sure he enjoys his time with us for as long as he remains happy and comfortable.